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We are Bulgarian Destination Management Company and Incoming Tour Operator specializing in Incentive, MICE, leisure groups, Round Trips and FIT tours. Our dedicated Convention and FIT departments complete the full-suite of services we offer to foreign and domestic clients. With our focus on Bulgaria and the Balkans we have the knowledge, experience and staff to be your trusted partner.
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Sustainable tourism

We are a green company not just because of our logo! In all our services we work to reduce CO2 by using train transportation for some of the Day-tours or new and low-carbon emission vehicles. We also do most of our administrative work online and refrain from using paper as much as possible.


Embrace technology and innovation

We are passionate about trying new things, pushing ourselves and using the best technologies to offer you improved and enriched travel experience and service.


Do what we love

Each one of us is here because we love what we do. We are people with passion, enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience. We are ready to share all of these with you and much more!

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Destination management

We offer a wide spectrum of local services –  hotel accommodation, meet and greet, transportation, professional guide services in all major languages, entertainment, and unique local experience programs.


Support local communities

In everything we do, we strive to work with the best local partners from each destination thus helping them create more jobs and prosperity for the local communities.


Create authentic local experience

Our mission is to help you experience your stay in Bulgaria in a way in which you’ll truly get the feel of the destination, history, culture, and the people who are being part of your adventure.

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