Sofia locals – interview with Martin

Are you new to Sofia? Read the blog below if you want to get to know better our locals and discover some useful tips and advice about the city.

We’ve always loved Sofia and the locals! That’s why we decided to begin our company’s journey by creating some of our first tours around some of the less popular, but yet extremely interesting spots in the city. (like the suburbs for example)

We decided to invite for this interview one of the people who are standing behind the idea of the suburban tours. He is not just any local, but our very own tripvam tour representative. Meet Martin.

Hey Martin! Could you introduce yourself, please?

Hey! I’m Martin – a young man fighting for a better world one happy tourist at a time.

Do you have any hobbies?

I would say that I have too many! Playing the guitar, billiards, snowboard, reading… I barely have time for work. (poor me)

Finish the sentence: Everyone who visits Bulgaria should…

…come again, because there is a lot to see here and you’ll always be welcome.

Are you from the suburbs of Sofia?

Yes and no. But I did spend most of my childhood there, so I always feel nostalgic when I go for a visit.

What one thing would you say about Sofia’s suburbs?

They’re nothing special. That’s why they’re so special.

What will our clients find and experience if they go to the suburbs of Sofia with you?

It depends on the person of course, but those who can appreciate their charm will be satisfied.

What are the most interesting things about the suburbs of Sofia?

The stories. Shivering tales of the drama and sometimes horror that follows the ordinary person’s life.

Do you have any tips or advice for tripvam’s readers?

Stop reading and start exploring!

Do you have a favorite tripvam travel style?

Yes, thank you for asking. I prefer the classic style tours because I have the opportunity to present our rich history, culture, and religion to the tourists.

What do you like most about tripvam?

It’s fresh, the site is easy to use and it puts the emphasis on the tourist.

What’s your favorite story with the suburbs? Would you like to share it with our readers?

I would love to, but only in person. : )

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