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The 5 Best Day Tours from Burgas and the southern Black Sea coast


The 5 Best Day Tours from Burgas and the Southern Black Sea coast. Are you ready?

You have already explored Burgas? Or you are just relaxing and enjoying your beach resort vacation? Great! Once you are at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and are wondering what to do – it’s time to see what else Bulgaria has to offer during your summer vacation!

Whether you are staying in Burgas or one of the nearby resorts, you have an excellent opportunity for various types of one day tours and trips that will help you get to know the Bulgarian culture, history while experiencing unforgettable adventures that will make your summer vacation even more memorable. There are many historical towns, natural landmarks, adventures and many more. Here are our top 5 suggestions for day trips from the Burgas area and the southern Black Sea coast:

One day tour tour to Plovdiv – The European capital of culture for 2019 

Plovdiv is the eternal city of Bulgaria. It has a unique cultural and historical heritage and millennial history. Old as Troy and Mycenae, older than Athens and Rome, Plovdiv is the oldest living city in Europe, elected European Capital of Culture for 2019. In the last years, the city has evolved as a place where traditions and innovative solutions blend in the field of culture and art.

Once you get to Plovdiv, you will have the opportunity to take a walk on the cobbled streets and explore the famous “Old town” – a candidate for a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is also the Roman theatre of Philippopolis which is probably the most visited place in the city. The Roman stadium is here as well. It’s amongst the largest and most well-preserved buildings from Ancient Rome times on the Balkan peninsula. Of course, you can’t miss Kapana neighborhood – the artsiest place in town where you can meet the locals and explore creative-design workshops and buy some souvenirs.

Distance from Burgas: 255 km and 2.2 hours driving time by Trakia highway.

If you are interested to visit this amazing city, then check our day trip to Plovdiv here

One day tour tour to The Valley of Bulgarian Rose and Thracian kings

The oil-bearing Bulgarian rose and its rose oil have become a symbol of our homeland. It is not a coincidence that people call the rose “queen of flowers”, because of its beauty and delicate aroma.

There is a place in Bulgaria that combines the beauty and history of rose production with the most magnificent and mystical Thracian tombs. There, the fragrant aroma of roses brings the memory of ancient culture and great rulers who inhabited these lands in distant times but left an inheritance that even today is impressing with its grace and perfection.

Once you find yourself in the Valley of Bulgarian Rose and Thracian Kings, you will have the chance to visit Kazanlak, an authentic and functional rose garden, to test and taste different products, and if you are lucky enough you’ll get into the rose fields and participate in the rose-picking process. Here is also the Rose Museum, which preserves the ancient traditions of rose oil production.

Besides them, you’ll also enjoy the beautiful scenery of some of the most magnificent Thracian tombs – Kazanlak’s Tomb included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and the tomb of the Thracian King – Seuthes III.

Distance from Burgas: 190 km and 2 hours of driving time.

If you are interested in exploring The Valley of Bulgarian Rose and Thracian kings – check out our day-tour here

One day tour tour to Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo has always played an important role in Bulgarian history. It is located in the heart of North Central Bulgaria. The city was the capital of the Second Bulgarian State and the Principality of Bulgaria in the period 1878 – 1879. Also known as the town of the kings, it is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, has preserved Revival architecture and will make you feel the aristocratic spirit of the time.

In the Middle Ages, the city developed as a political, religious and cultural center of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Its impressive history can be felt most strongly on Tsarevets hill, where the magnificent panorama can be found. Over the centuries, the stone wall surrounding the entire hill has been preserved, and numerous archaeological finds have been discovered in the area.

Veliko Tarnovo is wonderful with its uniqueness, and that it’s preserving the traditions of the past. The city has a unique location, architectural arrangement and wonderful atmosphere.

Once you find yourself in Veliko Tarnovo, you will be able to enjoy the delightful Renaissance monuments, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and unforgettable memories.

Distance from Burgas: 215 km and 2.5 hours of driving time.

If you are interested in visiting the city of kings, then check out our day trip to Veliko Tarnovo here

One day tour to Historical park

Maybe you already know that Bulgaria is a country with a thousand-year history and home to one of the most ancient civilizations – the Thracian.

If you are one of those people who love adventures and are interested in history, art, and architecture, the Historical Park is a place you must visit. Here the thousand-year history will come to life before your eyes. Expect a fully restored medieval fortress, ancient Neolithic and Chalcolithic dwellings, the only fully reconstructed Thracian palace in the world and three Thracian tombs where you will not only be able to enter but also participate in various rituals and activities typical of the respective era.

This attraction is appropriate for all ages, presenting the story and life of people from long gone ages in a way that even children understand with ease. Lots of fun is awaiting you as you once cross the Historical Park’s fortress gate. The complete list of activities can be found here.

Distance from Burgas: 130 km and 2 hours of driving time.

If you are interested in visiting the Historical Park, then check out our private day trip or shuttle which will bring you there.

One day tour to Strandzha

Strandja is a Bulgarian nature park, which is the largest protected area in Bulgaria. Strandja Mountain is situated in the south-east of the country – it stretches to the north of Burgas and to the south of Istanbul.

If you are fond of ecotourism, then Strandzha is your place. There are numerous routes for walks, meetings with local people and a number of unique places like Thracian sanctuaries, small villages where you can enjoy the mysterious dancing of the fire-dancers, get to know the typical revival architecture of the region, learn about traditional local crafts such as carpets, agriculture and taste the unique Strandzha cuisine.

Distance from Burgas: 75 km and 1 hour driving time.

If you are interested in visiting Strandzha national park, then check out our day trip which will show you Strandzha’s beauty here

There are plenty of options for organized trips to all of those places and many others. Check them all here!

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