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Historical Park Bulgaria – The 10,000 Year History awaiting You

Historical Park Bulgaria
Historical Park Bulgaria – the history comes alive to tell you a story….

Since time immemorial there have been lands of rich and beautiful nature that were inhabited by ancient people. They developed their culture and society in a way like no other nation on the planet. They left behind the world’s oldest processed gold and the first golden rod – a symbol of royal power.

Bulgaria’s Thracian Treasure in Historical park Bulgaria

The development of these lands didn’t stop, and even before the Pharaohs’ state of Egypt was established, a mysterious civilization thrived there. Ancient Thracia – a land of great warriors, farmers, breeders, builders, healers and artists.  They possessed the power of the material and spiritual world. Land of Thracian kings and heroes, the names of which are still alive today, and ancient authors described their endeavours and deeds.

People dressed like Thracians in the Thracian palace

Thracians in Historical Park Bulgaria
Over the centuries wars and natural factors have slowly erased the traces and greatness of this ancient civilization until they have completely sunk into the earth’s bowels.


Veliki Preslav near Historical Park Bulgaria
Today, on these lands lies the Bulgarian state. Here the lost world of ancient civilizations comes to life to reveal what the people of these lands have known and experienced since antiquity. History, architecture, art, knowledge, mysticism, traditions, rituals, battles and adventures intertwine to create worlds where everything is possible. The Worlds of the Historical Park Bulgaria that await you to reveal the secrets of the past.

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