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Is Bulgaria a safe country to visit?

Is Bulgaria Safe

As locals who have been living for so many years in this country, it has been very interesting to watch some interviews of foreign people visiting Bulgaria who were asked how safe they thought the country is for the locals as well as for tourists.

Some thought that it’s a pretty safe place to visit, others said that the media in their country was presenting it as not so safe and even a bit dangerous. 

Although our personal view as people who have been living here for the past 30+ years is that Bulgaria is a pretty safe place to be, and are in no way scared to walk around even during the dark parts of the day (except in some areas around cities designated as ghettos, unfortunately), we still wanted to see some outside and possibly more unbiased point of view.

Therefore we did some research and it showed us some very interesting things, take a look for yourself:

1. According to the United Nations Office on Drug and Crimes (UNODC), Bulgaria is ranking at the top 30% of the safest countries in the world with a homicide rate of about 1.5 of every 100 000 inhabitants. Just a little bit more than countries like Denmark, Norway, France, and a little bit less than countries like Romania, Belgium, and Hungary.

Link to the ranking: HERE

2. Here’s another statistics made by Safearound:

The profile of Bulgaria:


The rankings of about 160 countries: Link HERE

We have to admit that the above statistics were on the one hand not a surprise at all, but on the other were a bit surprising. They were not surprising in regards to the Bulgarian rankings since they pretty much correspond to our personal views and observations as locals, but on the other hand, it looks like we haven’t been so well informed about the rest of the world and obviously some of the rankings of other countries were much more interesting to see. For example, it looks like some countries in the middle east and Asia are much safer than we thought and some countries in the West are much more dangerous than we thought. Take a look for yourself!

In conclusion, we’d say that no country is a paradise of safety, but there are definitely some riskier and some safer places to spend your time in. And we feel lucky and grateful to say that Bulgaria is definitely one of the safer places to live in, so don’t hesitate and come to see this beautiful and pretty safe country – we are always at your disposal when you need a local partner to show you around and help with the necessary travel infrastructure!

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