In tripvam, we offer different travel styles. Each one of them is representing an interest or a way of travel that can help you see the world through different lenses. When you choose a particular travel style you’ll meet like-minded people who love that particular way of travel as much as you do!

Some of our trip styles are built for smaller groups so each one of the travelers can experience more deeply the destination’s history, culture, and people.


We know how important are the people you travel with. That’s why we decided to create a section on our website specifically designed to help you get to know our representative who is going to be with you during your adventure. We call them “The locals”! You can check out each person’s profile and get to know them better, well before you meet them at the beginning of your trip.

Yes! You can use the filters on the left side of “The locals” page so you can select your Local by the travel style they are most experienced at!

The locals are a rare breed! You can’t find them everywhere, but most of all we at tripvam have strict requirements for quality. What you can find in a Local is a person with imagination, passionate, enthusiastic and experienced traveler, ready to make your experience unforgettable.