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The Historical Park Ticket will open for you the gate through which the history of the past will become alive for you to experience it in the most iteractive way.

The curiosity of each one of us has made us dream at least once in our lifetimes: “What would it be if I could travel in time and return to the distant past?” There is an answer to this question and it’s in the Historical Park. You will have the opportunity to travel in time to return back to the Neolithic and Chalcolithic age 10,000 years ago. You will also be able to move into the world of the ancient Thracians.

The only fully restored Thracian palace in the world and three Thracian tombs are there to reveal the mystical secrets and beauty of the Thracian culture. Rituals, treasures, battles, archery and horse riding are just some of the attractions in the Historical Park. The restored and reviving story is the inheritance left by ancient civilizations and cultures which thrived on the Bulgarian lands.

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Historical Park Ticket Price

Standard ticket

30.00 leva

Historical Park Ticket Price

Children's ticket

15.00 leva

Historical Park Ticket Price

Family ticket

70.00 leva

Historical Park Ticket Price

Pensioners / People with disabilities

15.00 leva

Historical Park Ticket Price

Seasonal Personal ticket

200.00 leva

Historical Park Group Tickets

Group visits

Visit Historical Park in a group and get special offers and preferential rates.
For more information contact: +359 896 621 175

Historical Park Ticket Price

Seasonal Family ticket

300.00 leva

 Additional Terms

– Children under 4 years of age enter the park free of charge and without a ticket.
– The Children’s ticket is for people between 4 and 18 years of age.
– The Seasonal ticket allows unlimited number of visits during the active tourist season of the Historical Park (until November 15).
– The Family ticket is for one or two parents and includes up to 5 children.
– The Guide request adds 5 leva to the ticket price. It is mandatory to choose the language for the guided tour.
– For group visits of 20 or more people, please contact us for an extra discount!
– To buy a ticket, you must have a profile in the Historical Park’s system. Click on the Ticket type you’d like to buy from above and follow the booking process.


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