How can you make a booking on

When you make a booking (reservation) on our website, our system will generate a unique number which is the number for your reservation. You can see that number after you check out your order, as well as in your profile on our website, and in the confirmation email, we will send you for making a reservation with us.

After paying your reservation, we will send you a confirmation email with all the details concerning your booking, including attached files with our terms and conditions, details about the trip offer you’ve chosen, our insurance and license for a tour operator.

According to the Bulgarian tourism law (article 84, paragraph 3) such an email is considered as valid contract for our services as if you come to sign one in on paper in our office and therefore when we send you the confirmation email with all the above data, we will be obliged by law to provide you the services you’ve paid for as if you have signed the contract yourself in our office!

We believe that process gives us and you more convenience and saves us both time, but also can save lots of paper (trees) and ink! Of course, if you feel like it, you are always welcome to pop by our office to say hi and get your paper contract as well!

Accepted payment methods
  1. Credit/Debit card – you can use your card to pay by choosing the PayPal option on the checkout page. You will be sent on the PayPal secure website, so you can proceed with your payment.
  2. Bank transfer – you can pay directly to our bank account. Our bank details are as follows – IBAN: BG53RZBB91551009713149. Use the unique code for your booking which our system has generated for you as a “Payment reason” when you are making the transfer so we know it’s you that has sent us the money.
What time do I have in order to make my payment after I make the booking?

No matter which payment method you choose, after you make the reservation and get the reservation number generated by our system, you have to make the payment to us in 24 hours period. After that period we cannot keep your reservation.

What happens after you make your payment?

We confirm your reservation (booking) and are obliged to provide in the best way we can the services that you’ve paid for! In some cases, if we don’t have the minimum participants for a trip (which will be announced on the profile page of the trip on our website), we might have to cancel it and make refunds. More about that in the terms and conditions page.