Experience the best semi self-guided tours in Bulgaria!

Our tripvamGO Self-Guided Tours are a mix from the best of both worlds – guided and self-guided tours!

We offer you the freedom of travel by providing you with all necessary tools and information of “how to get around” which is typical for the self-guided tours while giving you the security and convenience through our online (and if needed offline) support team at all times, which is typical for the guided tours.

How do tripvamGO tours work?


Choose your favorite tour.


Add as many extra's to your tour package as needed.


Buy your package.


We send you the ``starter's kit`` where you'll find everything necessary to begin your journey.


GO on your adventure!


We support you live online (and if needed offline) all the way until your return to the place where you started the trip!


These are the things you get after buying the basic tour package:

  1. Online information (text, audio, pictures, etc.) about :
  • how to get to the starting point of your trip
  • how to find your mode of transportation
  • where to get off your bus/train, etc.
  • how to get to the desired destination

2. An itinerary with the best places to visit which will help you explore the destination (of course you can always decide to go on a sidetrack and even if you lose yourself we are here to help and give you an upgraded route which can get you back on track!)

3. Free audio-guides for each site you visit on the itinerary you’ve chosen which can tell you more about its history and most interesting facts

5. List of local attractions and if you want us we can make reservations on your behalf for any attraction you’d like to visit during your trip – museums, restaurants, rafting, etc.

6. All-day online support from our team (and in emergencies offline support as well)

The extras are additional services or things we offer which you can choose from in order to upgrade and/or make your trip even more convenient and easier.

Some of them are:

  • Bulgarian sim card with fast mobile internet and free calls to any Bulgarian number
  • Smartphone power bank
  • Headphones
  • “Emergency Pick up” service in case of emergencies when you can’t catch your transportation back to the place where you started the tour – we will send a driver and car to pick you up and bring you back to your starting point.
  • Medical/Accident insurance
  • Local guide
  • Rent-A-Car help – in case you want to GO on your trip with a rented car/mini-bus instead of public transport we can help you with that too (You can rent a car for as little as 20 euro for the whole day)

By sharing with us your location via an app like Google maps, we’ll track your location during the trip in real time and thus be able to assist you with re-routing and anything connected to you being able to navigate through the destination you visit.

Also, we can use the Google Maps Timeline for offline tracking in order to know which was the last place you visited in case your phone breaks or stops working for some reason.

Or, if there is no Google maps access at the destination, we will provide you with pictures and text navigation, but also you can use our support person’s help at any time you have trouble finding your way on a tour!

We will also provide you with everything necessary in order to manage perfectly on your own! Some of the other things we help you with are:

  1. Google maps coordinates
  2. Paper map
  3. Chat or phone call instructions via mobile apps (WhatsApp or similar)
  4. Support in case of emergency
  1. Just click on the “See all” button on this page and you’ll be directed to the page where you can see all the different semi self-guided tours we offer.
  2. Choose your favorite one and click on it to open its profile page
  3. Review the tour details, add any extras if you wish, choose your tour’s date and time and press “Book now”
  4. Add your personal details and choose the payment option you prefer
  5. Make your payment and get ready for an adventure!
  6. Next, we provide you with the necessary instructions and materials in order to begin your journey.

We are with you all the way to your return to the place where you are staying in Bulgaria!

  • If you need to find your way or have any kind of problem on the spot, our online support is always ready to help via chat or a phone call.
  • For all our tours and destinations, in case of emergencies, you’ll always be able to contact our support person who will help you out with the assistance you need!
  • What to do in case of phone or internet connection problems? – check out the tabs below!
  1. If you lose your device, and if you’ve been sharing your location with us during the trip via Google Maps we’ll try to track your phone and help you find it and get back on track. In order to do that, you’ll have to use the contact details (and try to call us) we provide you with on the Emergency paper map which is part of all our tours’ “Starter kit” packages (except the Sofia city center walking tour).
  2. If you break your phone, you will have to use the Emergency paper map we provided you with in the Starter kit (exception is again the Sofia city center walking tour)
  1. This is something with a very low probabilty since Bulgaria has a very good mobile network coverage. But if something like that happens, please use the Emergency paper map which we provide you as a part of the Starter kit package at the beginning of every tour (except Sofia city center walking tour)

*** Please note that sometimes you can lose your internet connection – wait for at least 5 minutes and possibly go around in order to see if the connection will get restored. As you know such things can happen from time to time due to temporary network issues or because of the area you are situated in.

All our semi self-guided tours are organized in such a manner that you will usually have at least a few more options to catch your transportation back to Sofia (or whichever city is your starting point).

On the other hand, as we all know accidents happen sometimes and if for some unforeseen reason you are unable to catch even the last transportation which will bring you back to your starting point, or if you have encountered any health issues which are preventing you from being able to do so, we created an extra especially for such rare events!

What is the “Emergency Pick up” extra?:

Our driver will pick you up from wherever you are and bring you back to the starting point of your trip or anywhere else that you need. Usually, if not bought as an extra, such a service will cost you between 30-100 euro depending on the distance between you and the city from which you started the trip. (For example, if you started from Sofia and need a “Pick up” from Plovdiv, the price of such service may cost you about 60 euro).

But, in order to offer you better service and more affordable and cheaper option, we decided to create the “Emergency Pick up” extra – instead of paying the high amounts from above, you can choose the extra “Emergency Pick up” from the tour’s page when you are making your booking and only for the small amount of 5-10 euro you will be able to have the security of the “Emergency Pick up” in case of any unpredictable event!

(for more info about this extra – read the Emergency pick up option terms and conditions at the bottom of the tours’ profile pages)