The present General Terms and Conditions (GTC) are intended to regulate the relations between the tour operator Wetrip Ltd., UIC 201824222, with headquarters and management address: Sofia 1220, zk Nadezda, bl. 172, ent. G, apt. 77, phone: 0896612175; 0877717221, e-mail:, represented by the managers Tsanko Nikolaev Kolev and Yordan Krasimirov Yordanov, (hereinafter referred to as WeTrip) with a license for carrying out tour operator activity РК-01-7925 and a professional liability insurance policy “Liability of the tour operator “№03700100001675 to Euroins Insurance Company, address: Sofia, 43 Hristopher Columbus Blvd., and users of tourist excursions and services provided by Wetrip OOD via the website.
Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and in full as booking a Service offered on the website, you acknowledge that: a) you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions; and b) express your consent and agree to be bound by these General terms.
1. The website “” (“Website”) is owned by -WeTrip and is designed to serve WeTrip as a tour operator and offers users excursions / services in the field of tourism.
2. WeTrip customers – individuals wishing to purchase WeTrip excursions and services via the Website or otherwise, subject to the conditions described below.
– Clients may be only adult individuals. Non-eligible customers are not eligible to purchase excursions and services from the website.
– For WeTrip, and within the meaning of this a “Customer” is the person named as the booking party respectively – under the package / service contract. Customers’ rights and obligations under these GTC also include third parties who use the service, even though they are not a party to the contract. Exclusion only rights and obligations directly related to the party to the contract – signing annexes, receiving notifications, etc.
3. Excursions and / or services – various types of tourist services and excursions described on the website, including accommodation, meals and buses, additional services related to trips, guided tours, entertainment and events. Services are basically 2 groups:
– Packages – Two or more tourist services that WeTrip offers you in a package on a specific route, last more than 24 hours and / or include overnights.
– Unique tourist services – accommodation, transportation, meals, guided tours and organized leisure travels that WeTrip organizes and sells separately on request from customers.
4. Profile – Customer’s personal profile on the website, which allows the Customer to request and book a service, manage the reservation and evaluate the service and its contractors.
5. Package – the WeTrip Client purchases / books a package, the contract is concluded in electronic form by the Customer by placing a marker in the field “I accept the terms and conditions of the contract for organized travel”. The content of the contract consists of the present General Terms and the agreements between WeTrip and the Client, which have been achieved upon reservation of the specific offer. Any agreement between the parties that contradicts these General Terms and Conditions shall prevail over them.
1. Access to the website is free, but for reservation and purchase of services, registration is required and a Client Profile is created through which Services can be ordered under these GTC.
– By performing the registration, it is considered that the Client has accepted these Terms and Conditions.
2. By making the registration / booking, the Customer declares and guarantees that he / she is an adult and uses his / her real identity when registering, booking and purchasing the services.
– WeTrip has the right to deny service if there is any doubt that the Customer is not eligible to purchase this service (for example, has not reached the age of majority or for any other reason).
3. The registration on the website is made by entering the Customer data according to the registration form on the website.
– WeTrip is not responsible if the Customer has filled out incorrect data at check-in or booking.
– The Customer undertakes to notify WeTrip of any change in the data we have provided to WeTrip, otherwise WeTrip shall not be liable for inaccurate performance of services, the issuance of untrue data or any other actions. In this case, the Customer is responsible for the payment of the ordered services in full, as well as the additional costs, damages and lost benefits of WeTrip.
4. The Customer undertakes not to provide its username and password to persons who do not wish to make reservations on its behalf and on its behalf. If the Customer submits them to a person, it is considered that he or she has it fully and has the right to make reservations on his or her behalf and on his behalf and undertakes to pay the price of the services reserved by such person.
1. WeTrip directly or through its agents provides preliminary information to the Customers about the offered packages and services. This information is disseminated in the form of offers and information materials on the Website and / or through brochures, catalogs and other information materials.
2. WeTrip is bound by its offer under the previous article until the intended places for subscription are exhausted or until other conditions expressly provided in the offer. WeTrip may change the terms of the offer exceptionally when Customer’s interests require this. The changes will be reflected on the Website and will be visible to all Clients.
3. WeTrip will provide the Customer with the reserved Services according to the description and specifications announced in the respective Offer. Activities, transport, meals, equipment, services and games, or any other component not expressly mentioned in the Service description or program, should be considered as not covered by the Services.
4. WeTrip, its officers and / or agents are not responsible for providing information, guidance or advice on travel documents, vaccines, clothing, luggage, special equipment, local customs, weather conditions, specific safety hazards, physical challenges or local laws and regulations. To the extent permitted by applicable law, WeTrip does not guarantee such information in terms of its completeness and / or accuracy and is not responsible for errors or omissions in it.
5. Some WeTrip Services may not be suitable for everyone. The Customer is solely responsible for assessing whether he or she is eligible and physically trained to participate in all activities of the reserved Service. Prior to departure, each client should consult a medical officer about his / her general health and physical preparation for travel. WeTrip and its employees and / or representatives are not competent and do not provide medical advice.
1. The Customer uses the Interface of the Website to make a reservation of the WeTrip travel excursions / services offered by us.
2. In order to make a reservation, the Customer will need to do so in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in these General Terms and Conditions and the respective offer they have chosen to order:
– After selecting one or more services offered on the Website, by clicking on the “Book now” button, the Customer adds the same to their Purchase Services list (“Carrying Bag” suitcase).
– The services added to the list under the preceding paragraph may be confirmed as the Customer provides data for the users of the booking and chooses the method and time of payment, then confirms the booking through the interface of the e-shop.
– When making the reservation, the Customer makes an electronic statement that he / she agrees with the WeTrip’s general terms and conditions, as well as the individual terms and conditions for the particular transaction that he / she has read and approved.
3. Booking confirmation:
– The reservation is deemed to be made and the Customer receives a Wetrip reservation number by e-mail at the e-mail address specified by the Customer as well as the status of the booking in his/her account.
– In the absence of seats or the possibility of realization of the chosen by the Customer service, WeTrip reserves the right to refuse the reservation, which will notify the Client in an appropriate manner. In this case, WeTrip has the right to provide information to the Customer regarding the possibilities of replacing the desired services.
– The reservation is deemed to be confirmed and the package or other tourist service contract – concluded with all the consequences of these GTC when confirmed by WeTrip with a reservation number and a deposit payment by the Client has been received according to the amount specified in the relevant offer. In such cases, the customer will be properly informed that the reservation is approved.
– If from the moment of booking until the time of entering the deposit on the WeTrip accounts changes occur in the prices of the reserved services, WeTrip has the right to ask the Client to pay the difference.
4. The Customer declares his / her consent to the Package as well as to the individual services contracts, together with any other accompanying statements, to be exchanged and concluded electronically. This includes:
– E-mail correspondence between WeTrip and the Address Client:
• For WeTrip –
• For the Customer – what the Customer has specified in his / her account or as his / her data when booking the respective service;
– WeTrip messages to the Customer through its Website Profile.
– Messages from Customer to WeTrip through special functionalities located on the Website (e.g., for complaints).
5. WeTrip will keep the correspondence relating to this agreement with the Customer – party to this Agreement who undertakes to notify third parties benefiting from this Agreement, if any.
– The Customer, a party to this agreement, declares that they are authorized by third parties – tourists, to record them for the journey under this contract and to consent to the processing of their personal data when necessary.
6. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Customer may be required to sign the original travel contract and any relevant apps prior to providing the Services. Such appendices may include medical statements, insurances, disclaimers and denial of rights as well as any other documents that WeTrip or the applicable law may require.
1. Besides tourist packages, WeTrip offers its clients – in their own name and on behalf of other merchants – separate travel services – transport, accommodation, guided tours and more.
2. When reservation of individual Travel Services on the Website is intended for the same travel / vacation, whether offered by WeTrip or other merchants, and meets the criteria for a tourist package according to the Tourism Law, WeTrip is responsible for services such as Tourism Package Agreement and the rules of these GTCs apply accordingly.
3. When reservation of individual Travel Services on the Website is intended for the same travel / vacation and these services are offered by WeTrip and other merchants as related travel services, WeTrip is not responsible for their performance. In such cases, WeTrip will inform Customers appropriately of their rights.
4. In cases where Customers order separate travel services from WeTrip or a third person who are not intended for the same trip and are not part of a package, they do not have the rights under the Package Agreement.
5. The customer is required to alert WeTrip if merchants who offer their services on and through the Website do so in violation of law or good commercial practices.
1. The published prices on the Website are in Euro and their equivalent in Bulgarian leva (BGN) may be indicated in some parts of the website.
2. Within one working day after receiving a reservation number, the Customer is required to pay a deposit or the full amount for the services described in the offer and the contract. Otherwise, WeTrip may cancel the reservation and not reserve their place in the tour.
– The balance to the full amount must be paid up to 30 days before the date of the first reservation service, unless otherwise agreed. In case of non-fulfillment of the Client’s obligation to pay the full amount within the term, the contract shall be deemed canceled by his/her fault.
– The amount of the deposit, final payment and other contract contributions, if any, is set out in the Tour offer’s page and is part of the Package or other tourist services.
– In the last minute, the full amount is charged at the time of booking. This also applies to changes and cancellations.
2. Payment may be made in cash at the WeTrip office or its authorized agents, by credit or debit card through a payment service on the Website, via EasyPay or by bank transfer of designated accounts in Bulgarian leva or in foreign currency.
1. When traveling outside Bulgaria, the Client undertakes to provide the necessary personal documents, formed in accordance with the laws of the visited country and the Republic of Bulgaria.
2. Documents required for cross-border trips:
– A valid passport and medical insurance for the period of travel, where such is prescribed as compulsory.
– For the EU countries with which Bulgaria is in visa-free regime it is possible to travel with an identity card.
– For the countries with which Bulgaria is in a visa regime, information from the relevant consular services can be obtained.
– For children under 18 years of age traveling without one of their parents, a notarized parental permit (declaration) is required by the child to leave the country.
– Other documents, depending on the country / countries destination country.
3. In the event that the Customer fails to present or submit a wrongly filled declaration or other document that does not allow him to cross the border of Bulgaria, WeTrip shall not delay the program’s implementation of the rest of the Group and shall not owe the Client’s default for the unplanned travel.
4. The Customer undertakes to pay in full and within the specified time the value of the tourist services described in the Contract.
5. The Customer undertakes to comply with the law of the country in which he travels and to leave the countries included in the voyage within legally permitted time limits, otherwise all consequences are at his expense and WeTrip is not responsible for the costs and formalities, related to his return to Bulgaria.
6. The client who intends to travel and stay in countries with enhanced risks of infectious diseases, is obliged to undergo adequate prophylaxis according to the international medical requirements.
7. In organized group trips, the Customer undertakes to appear on time at the assembly points specified by the driver. All costs incurred by the Customer due to delay or non-appearance and subsequent release of the bus, aircraft, ship, train or vehicle are entirely at his/her expense, regardless of the cause of the delay.
8. WeTrip undertakes to provide, in accordance with the terms and conditions of these Terms and Conditions and the contract, the tourist services paid by the Customer, whether these services are performed by him or by other travel services providers.
– WeTrip is not responsible for services that the Customer has purchased individually when the service is not part of a travel package that WeTrip is responsible for;
– WeTrip is also not liable for damages that the Customer has caused to third parties during the trip.
– WeTrip is not responsible for any failure to perform the program when it is due to reasons that can not be attributed to it. Including when objects in the program can not be visited for reasons beyond WeTrip.
9. WeTrip is required to provide, without undue delay, appropriate assistance to passengers in difficulty in particular, such as:
– Provide useful information to the traveler on health services, local authorities and the provision of consular assistance;
– Provides assistance to the traveler to make long-distance and / or international communications and find alternative tourism services.
When the traveler’s difficulty is caused intentionally or by negligence by himself, WeTrip may require a reasonable fee from the traveler for the assistance provided.
10. In certain cases, the Customer may be required to have a Medical Sickness and Accident Insurance, and WeTrip then provides for the conclusion of such (included in the package price or at an additional cost)
– The client is released from his / her obligation if he / she presents a valid policy for long-term insurance “medical expenses for sickness and accident of the tourist”, whose period of validity also covers the period of the contract for the particular trip.
– At Customer’s request, WeTrip may insure them against other risks during the trip at an additional cost.
11. For trips to countries for which visas are required for Bulgarian citizens, WeTrip may assist the Customer by providing the required documents / reservations, voucher, tickets, etc. /.
– At the request of the Customer, WeTrip can prepare and submit its documents to the relevant diplomatic services. In this case, the Customer is required to submit to WeTrip the documents required by the respective service, as well as to pay the visa fees.
– Non-submission of documents and non-payment of the fees or non-attendance at the relevant diplomatic service in a personal interview, if necessary, shall be considered as a waiver of a customer’s fault.
– The issuing of visas for the country concerned is the sole responsibility of the relevant diplomatic service and is not guaranteed by WeTrip.
12. Any Client accompanying a minor shall be held jointly and personally liable for the conduct and well-being of all minors traveling with him/her for the duration of the relevant Service and shall explicitly accept these General Terms and Conditions and the specific terms of a service on behalf of the minor, including all inherent risks and limitations of liability. The Client also assumes full responsibility for supervising the minor who accompanies, such as WeTrip and its employees and / or agents expressly assume no responsibility for care, control and / or supervision.
13. In the case of travel packages, WeTrip reserves the right to cancel the travel of any Customer whose behavior is such as to cause danger, stress, harm, anger among other Clients of the voyage, has criminal acts, or causes serious inconvenience to WeTrip employees or partners , or in any other way with his/her behavior makes it impossible for the voyage to go on smoothly. In this case, WeTrip does not owe any explanation or compensation to the guilty party.
14. Upon payment of the required amounts according to these General Terms and Conditions and the specific terms of the respective offer, the Customer will receive a voucher for the respective services, respectively event access code, generated by the website based on the reservation made. Pursuant to the Tourism Act, the voucher may be issued as an electronic document, and the Customer should confirm receipt by a return message with a notification of receipt of the e-mail with a voucher in its electronic mailbox.
1. The rules in this section apply only in the case of a Package Agreement. When before the start of the tour WeTrip makes a significant change to one of the essential clauses of the contract, the company is obliged to notify the Customer immediately.
– “Essential clauses” of the Package are: the price, departure and arrival date, length of stay, route of travel, type of transport used, location, type and category of accommodation, specific customer requirements accepted by WeTrip, as well as other conditions pursuant to Article 82, paragraph 1, point 1 of the Tourism Act.
– Replacement of a hotel or catering and leisure establishment of the same or higher category or class is not considered as a significant change to the Contract.
2.1. In such cases, the Customer is entitled to:
– accept the changes as evidenced by an additional agreement to the contract and specifying their impact on the price
– to withdraw from the contract without any penalty or indemnity.
2.2. The customer must notify WeTrip of his / her decision within 3 days of receipt of the notification under the previous article but no later than the commencement date of the trip.
2.3. If the Customer does not notify WeTrip of his / her decision within the 3-day time limit of the preceding paragraph, WeTrip will consider the proposed changes accepted and the Customer loses the right to withdraw from the contract without any penalty or indemnity.
3. In the event that Customer chooses to terminate the Contract under the preceding clause, he shall be entitled to:
– accept another package of the same or higher quality when WeTrip is able to offer it, or
– to accept a lower quality tourist package, in which case the tour operator or travel agent is obliged to refund to the customer the difference in the price between the canceled and the proposed trip, or
– to transfer its rights under the Package to a third party without including those non-transferable rights – visas, licenses, etc., and those for whose transfer consent is required to persons other than WeTrip;
– to be reimbursed the amounts paid by him/her under the contract within 7 days of the date on which WeTrip received the notification of refusal.
4. WeTrip has the right to increase the price of the tourist package only if there is an increase:
– of the cost of passenger transport resulting from a change in the price of fuel or other sources of energy;
– of the amount of taxes or charges on the travel services included in the contract, imposed by a third party not directly involved in the execution of the package, including tourist charges, landing fees or docking or despatch fees at ports and airports;
– of the exchange rates for the tourist package.
5. If the price is to be changed:
– The price increase must be economically justified and be in line with the changed costs;
– The price is increased by as much as the price of the service offered by WeTrip has risen since the conclusion of the contract, without increasing the profit;
– Increasing the price by more than 8% is considered a significant change to the contract;
– WeTrip is required to notify Customer of the increase up to 20 days prior to the start date of the package, the notification may be by e-mail, through the Client’s Website account or on another durable medium and contain a justification for the increase, written in a clear and comprehensible manner.
– The Customer has the right to request a corresponding reduction in the price if the values under the previous article have been reduced.
6. WeTrip reserves the right to make changes to the start time and place of departure and time of arrival when the traffic situation or the carrier’s behavior require it.
7. WeTrip may modify the accomodation arrangements agreed with the Customer if, for reasons beyond its control, it is impossible for them to stay overnight. WeTrip guarantees in such cases to engage in accommodation with equivalent or better conditions and placement.
8. When organizing group trips, WeTrip reserves the right to alter the sequence of program implementation when it is necessary to improve it.
9. WeTrip has the right to amend other non-essential clauses in the contract when the interests of the Customers impose this.
10. If we are unable to carry out a significant amount of WeTrip services during the journey, we will take all appropriate measures to continue the trip without incurring additional costs to the Customer and compensate them if there is a difference between the agreed and the actual services provided.
Where it is not possible to take appropriate action under the preceding sentence or they are not accepted by the Customer for good reason, WeTrip shall:
– provide transportation to the starting point of the trip or to another agreed place without incurring additional costs to the Customer, and
– Compensate the Customer for damages.
If the inability to continue the trip is due to the Customer, WeTrip has the obligations under this Article, but the costs are at the expense of the Client.
1. Should any changes to the Package Agreement or the Travel Conditions are to be made because of the Customer’s wishes, he / she must compensate WeTrip for the additional costs incurred as a result of the change.
– In case of minor changes, only a processing fee of BGN 30 (15 euro) for the package is charged.
2. Within a reasonable time before the start of the package, but not less than 7 days prior to the departure date, the Customer is entitled to transfer the rights to the package to a third party if WeTrip is notified in advance of the change.
– The transfer takes place by signing a new agreement between the third party and WeTrip, unless otherwise agreed in the individual agreement.
– If the transfer costs additional costs, they must be paid by the Customer upon the conclusion of the contract.
– The customer is jointly and personally liable towards WeTrip for the third party to perform the contractual obligations.
3. Replacement may be refused if the other person does not meet the travel requirements or if its participation is contrary to legal provisions, morality or when there is a non-payment of the additional costs incurred as a result of the change.
4. The third party declares at the conclusion of the contract that he/she accepts the transfer and fully complies with the terms of the contract and the annexes thereto, and that he is aware of the travel information prior to the acceptance of the transfer.
5. All changes to the contract, including cancellation of the trip, shall be documented on a durable medium, which may be the paper, e-mail or the interface of the Website through the Client’s Account or in any other appropriate manner.
1. If the Customer has deposited but has not made the remaining payments within the specified deadlines specified in the contract, the package is deemed to have been canceled as a result of Customer’s fault.
2. In the case of travel packages, WeTrip may cancel the trip if the necessary number of participants specified in the contract or offer is not recruited or if the cancellation is due to force majeure,
3. When the trip can not be made due to lack of sufficiently recorded participants, WeTrip is obliged to notify the Clients already recorded by the persons who have concluded the contract within the term as follows:
– 20 days before the start of the package – in case of trips of more than 6 days;
– 7 days before the start of the package – in the case of trips of two to six days;
– 48 hours before the start of the package – in the case of trips of less than two days
4. In the cases of the previous 2 articles, WeTrip shall not be liable for the performance of the contract by returning to the Customer all paid sums, except for the non-recoverable expenses / non-refundable deposits, paid insurances, fine for return tickets, visa fees, etc.; The non-recoverable costs incurred shall be certified by duly completed documents.
5. WeTrip shall not be liable for any failure or inadequate performance of a package or other tourist service and shall not be liable for damages if the reasons for this are due to:
– Customer, incl. not showing on his/her part at the place and time of departure;
– Third party actions unrelated to the performance of the contract that can not be anticipated or avoided;
– an insurmountable force or event that can not be anticipated or avoided by WeTrip and its counterparties in the good faith performance of their obligations. For force majeure events are considered: delay at border crossing points, complicated situation on the roads incl. strikes by airlines, ferry companies and others, all sorts of checks at border crossings carried out by control bodies, taking more time than planned, providing medical assistance to an organized group tourist and other exceptional circumstances. In these cases, WeTrip reserves the right to change the program and to act according to the specific situation without incurring damages.
6. WeTrip’s liability for damages suffered by Customer as a result of failure to comply with the Package Travel Package is limited as follows:
– WeTrip is responsible for damage up to 3 times the value of the tourist package calculated for 1 tourist;
– where WeTrip’s liability for damages caused by failure or inaccurate performance of contract services is limited by international agreements ratified, promulgated in the State Gazette and enforced for the Republic of Bulgaria, WeTrip’s liability is limited in accordance with the provisions of these Treaties;
– The limitation of WeTrip’s liability does not apply to personal injury or death, as well as to defaults due to intent or gross negligence.
7. In case cancellation or termination of the contract due to Customer’s fault, WeTrip shall reimburse the paid amount for the trip by deducting the cancellation fees specified in the offer and included in the Package Agreement.
8. If WeTrip cancels the travel and terminates the contract, it refunds the paid amount for the trip and, if the cancellation is due to a reason for which WeTrip responds, WeTrip additionally pays the following penalties:
– from the day following the day of signing the contract up to 60 calendar days before the date of the first package service – 2% of the package package price;
– 59 to 30 calendar days before the date of the first package service – 3% of the package package price;
– 29 to 14 calendar days before the date of the first package service – 5% of the package price;
– less than 14 days before the date of the first package service – 7% of the package price;
9. With the conclusion of the Package, the Customer declares that he / she is aware of the possibility of taking out the Travel Cancellation insurance.
1. WeTrip is responsible for the execution of the tourist services included in the package contract, whether these services are performed by it, or by other tourism service providers.
2. All claims must be made by the tourist at the place of the violation or without undue delay to WeTrip or its representative. The client draws up a protocol describing his complaints and they are filed with WeTrip.
– In such cases, WeTrip is obliged to take all reasonable steps to ascertain and remedy the discrepancy between the service provided by it and the package agreed in the Package Agreement.
3. In the event that the Customer is not satisfied, WeTrip provides him/her with the opportunity to seek redress by a written or oral claim within 14 days of the discovery of the non-compliance.
– The Customer shall provide WeTrip or its Trustee with a written claim in a form (or verbal, by writing a statement to the Customer by a WeTrip employee or a tour agent), the Founding Statement, signed by a WeTrip representative, a copy of the contract and other documents , proving its claim on grounds and size.
3. WeTrip undertakes to respond in writing within 30 calendar days of receipt of the claim.
4. In the event of WeTrip’s liability for damages caused by the actions of its counterparty, the Customer shall be obliged to assist WeTrip to claim their compensation from the counterparty.
– In such cases, the counterparty compensation received by the Customer is deducted from the WeTrip payable on this basis.
– This rule also applies to liability for the refund of amounts paid when the Customer has already received such services from a WeTrip counterparty as a compensation for the unpaid service for which repayment is due.
5. WeTrip shall not be liable for damages to the Customer due to inconsistencies between the Package Agreement and the provided service if:
– The company has not been promptly informed by the Customer;
– The company has been notified but has removed the discrepancy before any damage to the Customer
– Removal of the mismatch was impossible
– The elimination of the non-compliance was linked to disproportionately high costs given the extent of the discrepancy and the value of the tourist services concerned
– When the lack of compliance is due to the passenger.
1. This Agreement may be amended, supplemented or terminated by additional agreements between the parties or on the grounds provided for in these General Terms and Conditions and the Bulgarian legislation.
2. The written form shall be considered respected both in traditional written forms and in the forms envisaged for the conclusion of the Package Package or Tourist Service under Article IV.4. of these GCs
3. In the event of a dispute between the parties, WeTrip undertakes to take measures for the voluntary settlement of the dispute, including through complaints, signals, complaints, petitions and other complaints made by the Customer to it. If the Customer is not satisfied with the claim, they may address the following alternative dispute resolution institutions:
– General Conciliation Commission of the CPC, address: 1000 Sofia, Slaveykov Square, tel. 02/9330 517, e-mail:
– The European Commission Online Electronic Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform, available at
4. In the event that the parties can not resolve an out-of-court dispute between them, the competent Bulgarian court shall be competent to rule in the application of the relevant rules of Bulgarian law.
1. All content including all published texts, images, photos, videos, articles, program code, are copyrighted on the website. They belong to WeTrip and are under the protection of the Copyright and Related Rights Act. Copying and using them constitutes a gross violation of WeTrip’s rights and the imperative provisions of Bulgarian law.
2. The Customer may not copy, store, process, publish, distribute in original or processed form, and otherwise use the texts, images or other parts of the Website’s content.
3. When creating a website profile, the Customer does not acquire any rights or licenses on the WeTrip website, excursions or trademarks of WeTrip or third parties.
4. The client is not entitled to access the program code of the website and may not copy or modify it in any way. Any attempt by the Customer to access, copy or modify the platform program code is considered a gross violation of these Terms and Conditions and WeTrip’s rights.
5. In case of non-fulfillment of the above conditions, WeTrip is entitled to immediately suspend the use of the Website by the Customer without notice, notice or indemnity, as well as claim damages for any damages and lost profits from the Client’s actions.
6. The Customer undertakes to ensure the consent of all persons to whom access to his / her account has been granted to respect the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of WeTrip.
7. The trade mark tripvam and the domains are owned by WeTrip. The use of this trademark, domain name or name, directly or indirectly (such as but not limited to meta tags and other indexing or Internet search techniques) without prior written permission from WeTrip is forbidden and is punishable by law.
8. The violations of copyright bans and other intellectual property rights of WeTrip are valid for all third parties, whether registered on the website and / or have a profile, and WeTrip is entitled to compensation for all damages and lost profits by the actions of third parties.